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AC-Filter Capacitors: The Most Important Parts Of Any Electronic Device

DIN Electronics AC-Filter capacitors are an important part to any electronic device. This article introduces what is AC-Filter capacitor and the types of DIN Electronics AC-Filter Capacitors.

What is AC-Filter Capacitor?

AC-Filter capacitor is a component located in the AC line of an electronic device, and its primary function is to Filter out high frequency noise. This component can be found in virtually every electronic device, from phones to computers, and is an essential part of keeping them running smoothly.

AC-Filter capacitors come in different sizes and shapes, but their general purpose remains the same. They’re designed to block out spikes in voltage that can cause problems with electronics, including crashes and corruption. In addition to Filtering noise, AC-Filter capacitors also play an important role in protecting devices from power surges.

Types of DIN Electronics AC-Filter Capacitors

  • C71 AC-Filter Capacitors

High-performance AC Filtering capacitors used in AC-Filter circuit for UPS systems, welding equipment, and tuned passive Filtering.

  • C74 AC-Filter Capacitors

Widely used in power electronic equipment used for the AC-Filter.

  • C75 AC-Filter Capacitors

Used in high-power UPS, inverter, and other equipment for AC Filter.

  • C76 AC-Filter Capacitors

Widely used in all kinds of power supply, inverter, such as induction heating equipment. Series connection with power output transformer primary for coupling and blocking.


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