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Elevate Your Commercial Bathroom with a 1700mm Shower Tray

When it comes to designing a commercial bathroom that combines functionality and style, choosing the right shower tray is crucial. In larger shower areas, a 1700mm shower tray offers optimal dimensions to create a spacious and luxurious bathing experience. DAYA, a trusted brand known for its excellent products, provides a wide range of 1700mm shower trays that are designed to elevate any commercial project. This article explores the importance of a well-sized shower tray, highlights DAYA’s commitment to quality and durability, and showcases the customization options available to suit unique project requirements.

Optimal Dimensions for Spacious Shower Areas

A 1700mm shower tray is the ideal choice for commercial bathrooms with ample space. Its generous dimensions allow for a comfortable showering experience, accommodating multiple users and ensuring accessibility. DAYA’s 1700mm shower trays are designed to make the most of the available space, creating a focal point in the bathroom while providing enough room for movement and relaxation.

DAYA’s 1700mm Shower Trays: Quality and Durability

DAYA takes pride in producing shower trays of exceptional quality and durability. Their 1700mm shower trays are crafted using high-grade materials that are resistant to water damage and wear. With reinforced construction, they can withstand heavy usage in commercial environments. DAYA’s commitment to delivering long-lasting performance ensures that their shower trays maintain their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time.

Customization Options to Suit Your Project

DAYA understands that each commercial project has unique requirements. That’s why they offer customization options for their 1700mm shower trays. Businesses can choose from a variety of design choices, including colors, finishes, and additional features such as anti-slip surfaces or integrated seating. This level of customization allows businesses to create a showering space that aligns perfectly with their project’s design aesthetic and functional needs.


When it comes to selecting a 1700mm shower tray for a commercial project, DAYA stands out as a reliable choice. Their commitment to providing excellent products is evident in the optimal dimensions of their shower trays, the quality and durability of their craftsmanship, and the customization options available to suit unique project requirements. By choosing DAYA’s 1700mm shower trays, businesses can create a functional and stylish showering experience that enhances their commercial bathrooms and leaves a lasting impression on employees and customers alike.

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