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Employ the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake to Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Lighting

Improve outdoor illumination with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake. Weatherproof construction with outlet safety covers provides reliable functioning in harsh weather. The sturdy mechanical timer offers dusk-to-dawn, always off, and preset hour cycles for versatility and convenience. With a 100-foot remote control range, the BN-LINK Outdoor Electric Timer is ideal for a seamless and comfortable outdoor lighting experience.

Reliable Weatherproof Design for Long-lasting Performance

The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake is built to withstand the elements with its reliable weatherproof design. Each outlet is equipped with individual safety covers, protecting them from rain, dust, and potential damage. This ensures that your outdoor timer stake remains in optimal working condition, even in harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, you can rely on the BN-LINK Outdoor Electric Timer to provide consistent and long-lasting performance for your outdoor lighting needs.

Convenient Timer Options and Extended Remote Control Range

With the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake, you have a wide range of timer options to customize your outdoor lighting schedule. Whether you prefer the convenience of dusk-to-dawn operation, want to keep your lights always off during specific hours, or need a customized timer cycle, this timer stake has got you covered. It allows you to effortlessly set the desired time intervals, ensuring that your outdoor lights are on or off according to your preferences.


If you own outdoor lighting, the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake is a must-have. Its weatherproof construction guarantees years of dependable service, and its flexible timer settings and lengthy remote control range make it a breeze to operate. Take advantage of a more streamlined and pleasurable outdoor lighting experience by upgrading your system with the BN-LINK Outdoor Electric Timer.

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