How to Become a Master at Offline Poker 2024

Play phom offline allowing members to experience with their friends or relatives at any time. Although this is a super product with quite simple gameplay, it is certain that not everyone understands the principles to participate effectively at the New88today.com homepage.

What does playing phom offline mean?

Play phom offline It is also called by many members another name: ta la. This is one of the super product lines that has been around for a long time, but still receives the love of many people, especially bettors in the Northern region.

Although the card game has simple rules, you will not win if you only depend on your luck. Instead, you need to clearly understand the gameplay as well as know how to apply experience and tactics so it will be easier to conquer every level.

Playing phom offline is an indispensable need for many people

How to play offline phom for all rookies

As mentioned above, if members want to win in this unique game, they will definitely not be able to ignore the extremely important information below.

Share all the principles of the offline phom game

A game will use 52 cards in a deck of cards and allow 2 to 4 people to participate together to compete. Here, members will be given a total of 9 cards, only one random player will be provided with 10 cards. The remaining cards will be called “stingers” and are usually placed in the middle of the table for all bettors to easily manipulate.

When the game officially begins, the member who owns 10 cards will have the right to play first. In case the cards help you create a perfect phom, the player can proceed to eat. On the contrary, you are required to draw one card from the deck and play any card so the game can continue.

The rules of the game will continue until a member announces a bust. If no player buzzes, the game will be played for 4 consecutive turns. Finally, the system will review the scores and find the winner. Members who own the combination with the lowest total score will receive huge bonuses.

Instructions on scoring rules in offline phom playing

Because this is a game with quite strict scoring rules, you need to clearly understand the following knowledge:

  • Army A in each game will be considered one point by the system.
  • The system will calculate points for cards from 2 to 10 based on the displayed numerical value.
  • The head-shaped pieces such as J, Q, K have scores of 11, 12 and 13, respectively.

Instructions on all the rules of playing phom for new players

Know the terms commonly used in offline phom playing

Below are some specialized terms that you need to make sure you understand before participating in a game of phom:

  • Phom: Players who own three cards of adjacent value and of the same suit will form this set. In addition, if you hold three pieces of the same value and different suits, it will still form a complete phom.
  • Junk: Individual cards that the player will not be able to combine to form any perfect combination.
  • Stacks: Cards left over after being dealt and will be placed in the center of the table in every game.
  • ù: All members’ cards form the phom set and do not contain any trash cards.
  • Mom: When the game has officially ended but you still cannot create any products, you will be severely punished.

Share strategies for playing offline phom like a master

Below are some tips that members can apply in their games to have the same fighting style as a true master.
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Use the phom fishing method

If you are only missing one piece that has completed the finished product, this is definitely a strategy that you cannot ignore. Specifically, if the player bets himself, he owns the cards 7 of diamonds – 8 of diamonds – 9 of diamonds.

At this time, you will proceed to play the 9 of diamonds card with the aim of deceiving your opponent. If you’re lucky, other players land a 9-card, then you should immediately take the opportunity to build yourself a complete phom set.

Know how to choose the right position in playing offline phom

This is considered a factor that gives members a very high chance of winning in this game series. If you find a good location, it will certainly be easier for you to build complete phom complexes. Sitting behind a master will give you a headache because of the strategies they apply.

Strategies to help bettors conquer phom most effectively


Above is all the information that players need to understand in the game seriesplay phom offline. In addition, members can also immediately access NEW88 to experience the game online. Besides, the system also provides you with many unique game series that you can experience for yourself.

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