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How to connect the phone to Vizio smart tv?

When you’re looking to connect and share with friends, the Vizio Smart TV is a great option. Its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities make it easy to share photos, videos, and other content with friends. Plus, it has an intuitive interface that makes connecting to your media more accessible. 

Vizio Smart TV: 5 Ways to Connect and Share.

How to connect the phone to Vizio smart tv? To connect your Vizio Smart TV to the internet, you’ll need to use one of five methods: a wired connection, an AirPlay dongle, a Bluetooth connection, a USB connection, or an ARC (Audio Rendering Controller) connected device.

  1. Connect the Vizio Smart TV to a wired network using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the Vizio Smart TV to an AirPlay dongle by using an Adapter on your computer or network.
  3. Connect the Vizio Smart TV to Bluetooth using Bluetooth/Acer Predator Dongles and an iPhone or Android smartphone and speaker.
  4. Connect the Vizio Smart TV to a USB port using a UASP cord (Universal Serial Bus Cable).
  5. Connect the Vizio Smart TV to an ARC (Audio Rendering Controller) connected device via its HDMI port to a television or projector.

How to Connect and Share with Other Devices on the Home Screen.

To connect to an external device on your television, first press the button on the remote control to turn on the TV. Then, use the phone or computer and the TV to connect.

How to Connect to a Television

To connect to a television, follow these steps:

  1. Place your device in front of the TV and press the power button.
  2. If you have an HDMI cable connecting your device and TV, plug it into the port on the back of your television and plug it into an HDMI port on your device.
  3. However, if you have an analog connection (like those found in old televisions), ensure that your device is connected to an outlet with an RJ-45 connector (or any digital input) before connecting it to the TV via an analog line.
  4. If you’re using a Smartphone, open Apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and start watching shows or movies immediately!

How to Use a Connected TV for a Better Experience

  1. Connect your computer(s) and enabled devices (laptops, tablets, smart TVs) by connecting them to one surge-protected outlet from which all other devices can access the Internet (this is especially important if any cords are running throughout your house).
  2. Ensure all devices have received their latest firmware updates – this will help improve web browsing and streaming experiences on connected TVs.
  3. Turn on “Cast” on all participating devices; this will allow casting of content from computers. And also enabled devices to receive live feeds from specific media sources like networks and social media sites.
  4. Connect your TV to a Wi-Fi network.
  5. If streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, ensure that their channels are automatically linked up with your TV and that the appropriate buffering is in place.

How to Connect and Share with Other People on the Home Screen.

Open the app and sign in to connect with a friend on your home screen. Then, type their name into the search bar and click on their picture. You can share photos, videos, or other content quickly.

Know How To connect phone to Vizio smart  TV? You can also connect to a family member by opening the app and signing in with parents or guardians. Once signed in, they’ll be able to see all your collected content from home and access any devices connected to the home network.

Similarly, if you want to connect with a group of people, you can open the app and sign in with an administrator account. However, this will give you complete control over all devices in your household and allow you to connect to anyone in your area without worrying about their privacy.


Connecting and Sharing with the Vizio Smart TV is a great way to have a personal conversation, watch a movie, or listen to music. Using the various TV features, you can make life easier for yourself and your family. 

Additionally, using different devices on the home screen can make connecting with others easier. Following these simple steps, you can make Connect & Share with the Vizio Smart TV a breeze!

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