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SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery: Compact and Powerful Power Solution

SmallRig, a renowned brand in the camera accessories industry, offers innovative solutions for filmmakers and photographers worldwide. One of their standout products is the SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery. This compact and lightweight power solution is designed to meet the demands of professionals in the film industry.

SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery: Compact and Powerful Power Solution

Compact Design and Lightweight Portability

The VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery from SmallRig boasts a compact size, being approximately 30% smaller than traditional V-mount batteries. This reduction in size makes it lighter and more portable, providing convenience and ease of use on set or in the field. Despite its smaller form factor, it doesn’t compromise on performance or capacity.

Intelligent BMS Chip for Efficient and Safe Use

Equipped with an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) chip, the VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery ensures efficient and safe operation. The highly integrated BMS chip supports various fast-charging protocols and bi-directional 65W (Max) USB-C PD fast charging. It also takes up less space, allowing for a more streamlined design without compromising functionality.

Versatile Compatibility and Interfaces

The SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery offers wide compatibility with cameras, camcorders, monitors, wireless transmitters, video lights, and more. Its interfaces include USB-A, USB-C, D-tap, DC 8V, DC 12V, and V Mount, providing seamless powering options for a range of devices. You can conveniently charge and power your equipment without the need for a separate V-mount plate.

Long-lasting Power and Reliable Performance

With a capacity of 14.8V 6.7Ah 99Wh, the VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery delivers reliable and long-lasting power to your camera gear. It is designed to meet international standards for safety and performance, including UN38.3, IEC62133, and UL certifications. The battery’s premium high-performance cells offer stability and endurance, ensuring consistent performance throughout your shoots.

User-Friendly Features and Display

The SmallRig VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery incorporates user-friendly features, including an OLED digital display that provides real-time battery status information. You can easily monitor the remaining charge, voltage, and other important details at a glance. The battery also comes with a SmallRig custom sticker set for personalization.


SmallRig’s VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery is a compact and reliable power solution that caters to the needs of professionals in the film industry. Its compact design, intelligent BMS chip, versatile compatibility, and long-lasting power make it an ideal choice for filmmakers and photographers looking for a portable and efficient power solution. With SmallRig’s commitment to quality and innovation, the VB99 Mini V-Mount Battery is a reliable companion for capturing every moment without sacrificing mobility or performance.

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