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Tecloman: Enhancing Power Quality and Grid Distribution with PV Storage Battery Solutions

With a focus on optimizing grid distribution and power quality, Tecloman emerges as a leader in providing innovative PV storage battery solutions. By addressing the challenges faced in commercial complexes and offering dynamic capacity increase at the grid distribution area, Tecloman revolutionizes the way power is distributed and ensures reliable operation.

Dynamic Capacity Increase at the Grid Distribution Area

Tecloman’s PV storage battery solutions effectively solve transformer overload and low voltage issues through dynamic capacity increase. By implementing the “charge at trough, discharge at peak” method, Tecloman optimizes the grid distribution process, allowing for efficient and effective power flow. This approach ensures safety, stability, and reliable operation of the grid side, contributing to a more resilient power infrastructure.

Addressing Power Quality Challenges in Commercial Complexes

Commercial complexes face growing load capacity and widening peak-valley differences, leading to significant power quality challenges. Additionally, the surge in peak power capacity requirements resulting from new energy vehicle charging demand adds to the complexity. Tecloman acknowledges these issues and provides comprehensive solutions that address inadequate distribution capacity, peak-valley differences, and deteriorating power quality. By integrating PV storage battery systems, Tecloman enables commercial complexes to achieve optimal power quality, enhance distribution capacity, and ensure a reliable and stable energy supply.


Tecloman’s commitment to enhancing power quality and grid distribution with PV storage battery solutions sets them apart in the industry. By embracing Tecloman’s innovative technologies, businesses can overcome power distribution challenges, optimize power quality, and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

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