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Water Pump Controller Supplier: Bedford Electric Leads the Industry

Are you in need of a reliable water pump controller supplier? Look no further than Guangzhou Bedford Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. as your go-to solution. With a formidable presence in the market, Bedford Electric has established itself as a leading manufacturer of variable-frequency water supply systems in China. Their commitment to excellence and innovation is evident through their extensive range of products and services. Guangzhou Bedford Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that excels in research and development, production, sales, and service. With an esteemed reputation, they have become renowned for their variable-frequency water supply systems. The company proudly possesses its brand, “Baifu BEDFORD,” which holds domestically and internationally registered trademarks.

Diverse Product Offerings

Under the umbrella of Bedford Electric, you can find a comprehensive selection of products. Their offerings include variable frequency and constant pressure water supply equipment, bright pump rooms, control systems, water supply and drainage systems, and remote platforms. Combining software and hardware, these systems are tailored to meet customers’ specific needs, incorporating intelligent control and remote monitoring platforms.

Versatile Applications

The water pump controllers provided by Bedford Electric find applications across various sectors. They are instrumental in agriculture, manufacturing, residential water supply, commercial establishments, and public spaces. These robust solutions align perfectly with the national emphasis on energy conservation, water conservation, and environmental protection. Furthermore, Bedford Electric’s systems are suitable for pressurized water supply in diverse settings such as high-rise residential villas, schools, hotels, landscaping projects, and more. They also contribute to global agricultural water-saving irrigation and other related applications.

Domestic and International Reach

Bedford Electric boasts an impressive distribution network, with over 300 agents scattered across over 30 provinces and cities in China. Their reach extends globally, with their products exported to over 70 countries and regions worldwide. This remarkable presence demonstrates their dedication to serving both domestic and international markets.


Bedford Electric is a reliable and innovative choice regarding water pump controller suppliers. With their extensive range of products, commitment to environmental concerns, and widespread distribution network, they have firmly established themselves as leaders in the industry. Please Trust Bedford Electric to provide cutting-edge solutions for all your water pump control needs.

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