What You Should Know About Bird Diverters

Nowadays, the high-altitude lines and cables were primarily created with human safety in mind, disregarding the safety of birds in the air.Numerous birds died as a result of this designation. However, a bird diverter can resolve this issue. How does it function?  Please read the blog linked below.

How does it function?

Bird diverters reflect moonlight and sunlight, allowing migratory birds to see them from a safe distance, reducing bird strikes, wire damage, and fines.

How do I pick the best one?

When selecting a bird diverter, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Made of high-impact PVC in gray or yellow.
  2. Lightweight and windproof.
  3. Installed quickly and easily by hand.
  4. Longevity without material degradation

Diverter classifications

On Henvcon, there are two types of bird diverters, each with its own set of advantages. The first is a single-head bird diverter that comes in five different models: BFS-MS-3164, BFS-MS-3341, BFS-MS-3344, BFS-MS-3345, and BFS-MS-3405. The second is a single-model BFD-DS-1140 double-head bird diverter. You can select the one that best meets your requirements.


Henvcon, a leading manufacturer of bird diverters, is familiar with the product, the market, and your specifications. Henvcon accepts any customized bird diverters. Please contact Henvcon to begin your projects!

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