Why PEEK JS-S1 Rod is a Great Choice for Medical Implants

Medical device manufacturers have long sought a material that offers the perfect combination of biocompatibility, mechanical strength, and resistance to heat and radiation. Junsun Medical‘s PEEK JS-S1 Rod is a material that meets all of these requirements and more.


PEEK rod is a medical implantable material made from polyether ether ketone (PEEK), a high-performance polymer known for its excellent biocompatibility. It has passed the biological compatibility test, conforming to the requirements of ASTM F2026 and ISO 10993, ensuring it can be safely used in the human body.

In addition to its biocompatibility, PEEK JS-S1 Rod is also highly machinable. Manufacturers can employ conventional metal processing CNC equipment with hard alloy or diamond machining tools to shape it into the desired form. The use of purified water or compressed air, which are fully filtered, is important to ensure that no contaminants are introduced and affect the biocompatibility of PEEK polymer.

PEEK JS-S1 Rod’s excellent resistance to heat and radiation also makes it an ideal choice for medical implants. Its chemical structure enables it to maintain good hydrolysis resistance under high temperature, while its excellent radiation resistance ensures minimal impact on its mechanical properties and chemical stability even when exposed to high doses of gamma ray irradiation.


Overall, PEEK JS-S1 Rod is a highly versatile and reliable material that offers a range of advantages over traditional medical implant materials. Its superior biocompatibility, machinability, and resistance to heat and radiation make it an excellent choice for medical device manufacturers looking to create safe and effective implants.

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