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Elevate Nucleic Acid Extraction Efficiency with Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution

Magen Biotech is proud to offer their remarkable Triton X 100 Solution as a core raw material for nucleic acid extraction. This non-ionic surfactant, thoroughly screened and quality-controlled, is designed to optimize sample processing and yield superior results. Triton X 100 Solution, developed by Magen Biotech, offers a range of features and benefits that significantly enhance nucleic acid extraction efficiency.

Understanding the Unique Properties of Triton X-100: A Versatile Non-Ionic Surfactant

Triton X-100 is hailed as a remarkable non-ionic surfactant, offering both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. In aqueous solutions, this surfactant remains intact, demonstrating high stability even in the presence of strong electrolyte inorganic salts. Its hydrophilic end allows for the formation of soluble complexes with lipids such as phospholipids in biofilms. Simultaneously, the hydrophobic end combines with the hydrophobic region of membrane proteins, resulting in solubility in solution. Triton X-100’s unique properties enable it to dissolve lipids, enhancing the permeability and rupturing of cell membranes. Furthermore, it synergizes with SDS to boost cell lysis and promote nucleic acid release. Notably, Triton X-100 counters the effects of residual SDS, minimizing its impact on subsequent processes.

Superior Features of Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution

Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution incorporates several key features that set it apart:

  1. Solubility and Versatility: Triton X 100 Solution readily forms soluble complexes with lipids such as phospholipids in biofilm. This versatility enables broad applicability across various sample types and simplifies the extraction process by facilitating the dissolution of lipids and membrane proteins.
  2. Quality Control and Reliability: Magen Biotech’s commitment to strict screening and quality control ensures that Triton X 100 Solution consistently meets the highest standards. Laboratories can rely on this exceptional product, confident in its performance and robustness.
  3. Optimal Laboratory Productivity: By streamlining the extraction process and improving yields, Triton X 100 Solution offered by Magen Biotech enhances laboratory productivity. Laboratories can process a higher volume of samples with ease, saving time and resources while delivering accurate and dependable results.


Magen Biotech’s Triton X 100 Solution is a game-changer in the field of nucleic acid extraction. With its exceptional properties, including stability, solubility, and synergistic action, this product optimizes sample processing, ensuring efficient nucleic acid release and improved yields. The commitment to quality control and reliability makes Magen Biotech a trusted provider of high-quality extraction products. By incorporating Triton X 100 Solution into their workflow, laboratories can elevate their productivity and deliver accurate and reproducible results, solidifying their position at the forefront of scientific advancements.

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