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LEDMAN Interactive Boards: Empowering Engaging Teaching Experiences

A variety of interactive boards have been introduced by LEDMAN, a well-known supplier of smart school display solutions, with the goal of turning traditional classrooms into dynamic, student-centered learning spaces. Designed with teachers in mind, these interactive boards facilitate student participation, group work, and clear presentation of course material. The interactive board for teaching from LEDMAN transform the classroom into a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Intelligent Teaching Functions for Enhanced Instruction

LEDMAN’s interactive boards incorporate intelligent teaching functions that revolutionize the way educators deliver lessons. The full touch UHD COB technology displays provide teachers with a larger display space, allowing for more effective content visualization. Real-time annotation and highlighting features enable teachers to emphasize key points and generate notes with a single click, streamlining the teaching process. The screen split function supports multiple individuals to write simultaneously, encouraging collaboration and active participation. Additionally, the integration of image uploading, remote meetings, and other multi-party interactions fosters a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

High-Quality Recording and Clear Audio

LEDMAN’s interactive boards are equipped with a high-definition camera and intelligent tracking system, enabling real-time recording of lessons. This feature enhances teaching efficiency and allows students to revisit the content at their own pace. Furthermore, LEDMAN’s interactive boards incorporate a professional sound pickup and amplification system, ensuring clear audio throughout the classroom. The suppression of whistling and elimination of echoes create an optimal audio experience for effective communication.


In summary, LEDMAN’s interactive boards empower educators to create engaging and interactive teaching experiences. With their intelligent teaching functions, high-quality recording capabilities, and clear audio, LEDMAN enhances collaboration, engagement, and content delivery within classrooms. By integrating LEDMAN’s interactive boards, educational institutions can elevate their teaching methods and provide students with an immersive and effective learning environment.

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