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3-card card game Home page new88 has a relatively simple form of play, almost anyone can easily access it. But if you want to become a master of this set, you need to hone your skills and experience. Pocket now the 3-card card playing tips to help you receive huge rewards right below the following article!

How to play 3-card cards effectively at New88

New88 3-card card game is also known by the more familiar name of 3-card scratch card. True to the name of this sport, when playing, each person will receive any 3 pieces used to calculate points. Basically, scratch cards are the type of game that has the highest level of ease compared to other prize exchange products. Therefore, bettors will not spend too much time researching and learning how to play the 3-card card game New88.

However, if you really want to conquer this subject, you need a specific strategy. The nature of the 3-card card game is still inherently luck, so when betting you should combine playing strategies to increase effectiveness. You can learn from the experiences of experts in this field, or go to the forums at New88 to pick up tips on how to win unbeaten.

Rules and regulations for playing the 3-card card game New88

First, players need to understand everything about how to play the 3-card card game New88. Known as one of the most accessible card games, just learn it and you can play quickly. The game uses the usual set of 52 Western cards, but will remove the 10, J, Q, K (or not).

At the beginning of the game, each member will be dealt 3 cards at random by the Dealer. The specific rule of the game is that whoever gets the highest total score gets the full reward. In addition, the rules for calculating points for the 3-card New88 card game will be as follows:

  • The A card in the suit will have a point value of 1.
  • Cards from 2 to 9 have their points corresponding to the number printed on them.
  • In case the score of all 3 cards that the player receives is 10, it will be counted as 0 points.
  • If the total of the 3 cards you own exceeds the value 10, the actual score is only taken in the units place. For example: The player gets 3 cards with a total of 17, then the actual final score to consider is 7.
  • If the two opposing sides have the same score, the cards will be compared to determine the winner or loser.

Share your experience playing 3 cards to kill the dealer

Many players subjectively think that the 3 card New88 card game is simple so it is easy to win. However, with a high-risk subject like scratch cards, losing is unpredictable. Below are some effective playing experiences to help you defeat the dealer easily.

Adjust emotions appropriately

Regardless of any reward game, when participating, players need to know how to control their psychology well. Always try to adjust your emotions to a stable state, don’t let yourself be too hasty.

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Because the more stressed you are, the more wrong the decision will be. In addition, keeping a cool head also helps you deceive your opponents’ psychology, making them feel confused and afraid of losing.

Assess opponents

When playing the New88 3-card card game, you should try to observe your opponents at the table. Research to see what direction other members are taking, what their psychology is, whether the stakes are high or low, etc. This way you can adjust your playing strategy accordingly, avoiding taking risks. to heavy losses.

With big capital, you don’t have to worry about starving to death

Before starting a game of New88 3-card card game, bettors should proactively build for themselves a capital fund large enough to play long-term. In addition, during the process of participating in redemption, you should not bet all-in too early to avoid heavy losses. You should use your playing capital wisely to maintain and increase your chances of receiving rewards in 3-card scratch cards.

Change the table if you meet a master

If you unfortunately encounter a master in a betting session, the bettor should find a way to avoid it quickly. Because your chances of winning at these tables are extremely low. If you still stubbornly stay and confront the masters of the 3-card card game, you will only regret because you lost too much.

Instead, you should prioritize choosing small capital bets to gradually get used to the game. Then gradually upgrade your playing strategy, try other big betting rooms.


In the above article, we shared some experiences in playing the 3-card New88 card game for sure victory. If you are a rookie new to scratch cards, you should immediately pocket these tips to increase your chances of winning. Hopefully through the information above, it can help bettors better understand how to play this card game!

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