Types of soccer bets and simple ways to read them for beginners

Football is the “king” sport with millions of fans around the world, many people want to learn about it. Types of soccer bets, how to read odds to participate. In the article below, New 88 will analyze for you the most popular soccer bets today to easily win.

The most popular types of soccer bets

In each match, the house will offer a series of bets for you to choose from. Below are some of the most common odds and how to read them:

European odds (1×2 odds)

European odds are also called 1×2 odds, this is a simple type of bet, just need to determine the strong or weak team to bet on. In European odds, there are 3 main bets: win – lose and draw. In there:

  • 1: Bet on the home team to win
  • X: Bet on 2 teams with a draw score
  • 2: Bet on the away team

Currently, there are two main types of European bets: full match bets and 1st Half bets. Players calculate the ability of each bet themselves to choose the bet. The house will give different winning odds, usually the stronger team will reward less bets.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap (another name is Asian Handicap) is a bet with diverse reward rates, the abilities of the two teams are not matched, the stronger team will accept a few goals from the weaker team. For example, there is a handicap of half a goal, a handicap of 1 goal, a handicap of 1 and a half goals, a handicap of ¾, a handicap of 2 and half loss…

During the match, the House will continuously offer different handicaps based on the score situation. You can rely on your experience and predictions to participate in mid-match betting with a higher probability of winning.

Football odds over and under

Over/Under bet is also known as Over/Under (Symbol O/U), calculated by the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match. Players placing this bet do not need to care which team is strong, wins or loses, but only needs to know the total number of goals scored during the match.

The dealer will predict the total number of goals, for example 5. If you think the number of goals is greater than 5, bet on Over. On the contrary, if you think the number of goals is less than 5, bet under. In the event that at the end of the match the total points scored by the two teams is equal to 5, the player will receive a refund.

Bet on penalty cards

Penalty card odds refer to the total number of yellow and red cards given by the referee throughout the match. Common card bets include:
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  • Total number of yellow cards: Is the number of yellow cards drawn larger or smaller?
  • Yellow card handicap bet: How many yellow cards does the home team handicap the away team?
  • Total red cards: Which team has how many red cards? How many red cards total?
  • Touchdown bet: Does a certain team have 4 yellow cards in the match?

Note that the betting number for each bet will be decided by the house, you just need to calculate carefully and place your bet.

Penalty kick odds

Penalty bets are often found in cup matches or require a win or loss decision for a team to advance to the next round, without a draw. This bet only appears after 90 or 120 minutes when the two teams enter the Penalty round.

  • Bet on over/under Penalty: 2 teams take 5 shots to find the winner?
  • Bet on total shots: Is the total number of shots going in or not going in the net an even or odd number?

Odd even bet

Odd-even betting is super simple, you just need to add up the total number of goals of the two teams and predict whether the number is even or odd. To be able to read this bet, players must regularly read football comments and expert analysis. Although there are only 2 bets, this bet has a quite high reward rate.

Some other types of soccer bets

In addition to the betting odds above, in football there are also popular types of soccer bets below, you can learn and experience.

  • Bet on goals
  • 3-way soccer betting (3-way)
  • Double Chance bets (Double Chance)
  • Bet on 2 teams to score
  • Half Time/Full Time bet
  • Correct Score

Some notes when choosing soccer bets

To choose the right soccer bet, you must definitely “pocket” the experiences of experts as follows:

  • There is not much difference in match selection between the two teams.
  • To balance your betting budget, you should split multiple bets to avoid losing everything.
  • Learn from the experience of the players based on the House’s playing history.
  • Learn carefully about each bet before participating.
  • Newbies should choose to play European odds, over/under, and odd even.

With informationTypes of soccer betsshared above by Bookmaker New88, you can rest assured to deposit money and “conquer” every match at New88. Absolutely do not miss our next articles to update the latest betting and card game knowledge today.

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