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The DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike: Power, Range, and Reliability for Unmatched Performance

Experience the Duotts C29 Electric Bike, a dynamic and reliable choice for riders seeking power and performance. With its impressive features, including a powerful motor, extended range, and reliable battery, the C29 is designed to exceed expectations. Ride with confidence and enjoy the unmatched performance of the DUOTTS C29 lightweight electric bike.

Robust Engine: Experience the Power

An exceptionally powerful and efficient 750W motor powers the DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike. The powerful motor of the C29 guarantees an exciting and fun ride, with rapid acceleration and easy hill climbing. Discover the exhilaration of riding with unparalleled power at your command. Riding on a DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike is like riding on air.

Extended Range: Go the Extra Mile

With an impressive range of 80-100 km, the DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike allows you to explore further and go the extra mile. Whether you’re commuting or embarking on long rides, the extended range of the C29 provides the freedom to travel without worrying about battery life. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with an electric bike designed to take you on memorable journeys.

Reliability and Quality: Duotts Battery

The DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike features a reliable 48V 15AH Duotts battery, ensuring consistent and dependable performance. Designed for longevity, the Duotts battery provides the power you need for your rides, ride after ride. Experience the reliability and quality of the Duotts battery, knowing that your electric bike is equipped with a trusted and durable power source.


When it comes to power, range, and reliability, the DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike surpasses expectations. Unleash the power with its 750W motor, explore further with its extended range, and enjoy the reliability of the Duotts battery. Choose the DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike for unmatched performance and ride with confidence. Experience electric bike customer service, ensuring that your electric bike journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

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