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Unleashing Precision and Safety: APT Medical’s Next-Generation AnyreachC™ & AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewires

APT Medical introduces the AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewires, a series of advanced guidewires designed to provide superior torque control, safety, and tactile feedback during cardiovascular interventions. With their innovative Core-to-Tip and Dual-Core tip designs, these guidewires empower medical professionals to navigate complex procedures confidently and precisely, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Core-to-Tip and Dual-Core Tip Design for Enhanced Torque Control

The Anyreach PTCA Guidewires feature a Core-to-Tip and Dual-Core tip design, elevating torque control and safety during cardiovascular interventions. The flattened core-to-tip design enhances tactile feedback and pushability, allowing medical professionals to maneuver the guidewire more precisely. This superior torque control ensures accurate placement within the vessel, minimizing the risk of complications and optimizing procedural outcomes.

AnyreachC™ Series: Unleashing the Power of Metal Coil

The AnyreachC™ series combines a metal coil, safe net, and Nitinol core, introducing a unique Dual-Core structure that maximizes torque ability and safety. With different tip loads available, medical professionals can choose the optimal option for their daily cardiovascular practice. The lightest available tip load of 0.3g enables a delicate touch to reach thin collateral circulation, enhancing access to challenging areas of the cardiovascular system. The AnyreachC™ series provides real tactile feedback, enhancing the medical professional’s confidence and control during interventions.

AnyreachP™ Series: Unmatched Smoothness and Lubricity

The AnyreachP™ series utilizes a polymer sleeve on the distal end, coated with a hydrophilic coating to enhance lubricity. This combination provides excellent trackability and crossability in tortuous vessels, enabling medical professionals to navigate complex anatomies easily. The AnyreachP™ series offers tip loads of 0.6g and 1.0g, providing versatility to suit various clinical needs.


APT Medical’s AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewires elevate cardiovascular interventions by offering superior torque control, safety, and tactile feedback. The Core-to-Tip and Dual-Core tip designs enhance maneuverability, ensuring precise placement within the vessel and minimizing complications. By incorporating these advanced guidewires into practice, APT Medical empowers medical professionals to enhance precision and safety, ultimately improving patient outcomes in cardiovascular interventions.

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