When Should I Apply BB Cream: Before or After Sunscreen?

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the proper sequence to follow when using various skincare products in the quest for a beautiful complexion. The question of whether or not to apply BB cream before or after sunscreen is one that many people struggle with. The goal of this article is to make this skincare mystery clearer to you by giving you a solution that is straightforward and simple to grasp.

Familiarizing Yourself with BB Cream and Sunscreen

First things first: before we go into how to apply it, let’s talk about what BB cream and sunscreen are supposed to do. BB cream, which stands for blemish balm or beauty balm and is an abbreviation for either of those terms, is a multipurpose cosmetic product that combines the benefits of skincare with those of makeup. Sunscreen, on the other hand, shields your skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, thereby reducing the risk of sunburn and premature aging.

Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen should be the first step in any skincare program. When you apply it as the initial step, a protective barrier is formed, which prevents ultraviolet radiation from damaging your skin. This is absolutely necessary for warding off sunspots, wrinkles, and cancer of the skin. For the best possible protection, you should always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30.

Use of BB Cream as a Base for Makeup

Even though BB cream provides some degree of protection from the sun, it should not be used in place of regular sunscreen. The basic functions of this product are to offer a light coverage, to level out the tone of the face, and to provide extra skincare advantages such as hydration and antioxidants. Therefore, you should apply anti aging bb cream after sunscreen in order to improve the appearance of your complexion and produce a smooth base for your makeup.

The proper sequence is as follows: sunscreen first, then BB cream

Applying sunscreen as the first step of your skincare process is the most effective way to get the results you want. Before continuing with your makeup regimen, give it around 15 minutes to properly absorb into your skin and then go ahead and apply it. After the sunscreen has had a chance to absorb into the skin, apply BB cream with a light touch using either clean fingertips, a makeup brush, or a makeup sponge. This layering technique guarantees that your skin is appropriately protected from the sun and that your BB cream adheres evenly, giving you a radiant finish. In addition, this technique helps your BB cream last longer.

Some Suggestions Regarding Application

Cleanse Your Face First

Always start your skincare routine with a face that has been well cleansed. Remove pollutants, excess oil, and leftover makeup with a cleanser that is on the gentle side. After cleansing, your face will be clean and ready for the application of sunscreen and BB cream.

Reapply Sunscreen

It is extremely important to reapply sunscreen at least once every two hours when spending extended periods of time outside. This behavior guarantees that you are continuously protected from potentially dangerous UV rays, which is especially important if you have been sweating or swimming. Remember to cover any exposed regions, especially your ears and neck, with the appropriate clothing.

Select the Appropriate Products

It is quite important to select a sunscreen and BB cream that are suited to your specific skin type. Choose hypoallergenic and fragrance-free solutions if you have skin that is easily irritated. If you have oily skin, look for products that are non-comedogenic and won’t cause your pores to become clogged. This protects your skin from irritation and outbreaks, allowing it to maintain its healthy state.

Mix Completely

When applying BB cream, you should take your time to mix the product so that it is distributed evenly. When massaging the cream into your skin, be sure to use light, circular motions. Pay special attention to problem areas, such as redness or pimples, that require additional concealer. A natural, perfect finish that doesn’t seem heavy or cakey can be achieved with the help of proper blending.


To summarize, the best sequence for applying bb anti aging cream and sunscreen is to start with the sunscreen and then move on to the BB cream. By adhering to this order, you may give the protection of your skin a higher priority while simultaneously attaining a perfect complexion. It is important to keep in mind that regular skincare habits, such as the application of sunscreen in the correct manner, contribute considerably to healthy and beautiful skin.

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