Basketball Mistakes – A Clear Guide, Most Detailed

Fouls in basketball This is a problem that both professional and amateur athletes can encounter during competition. Identifying and correcting these errors is important to improve technique and performance. Please follow the following article to “pocket” useful information!
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Identify mistakes in basketball

When participating in any sport, breaking the rules is inevitable. And establishing regulations on fouls in basketball will contribute to warning against rough or aggressive behavior of players. This helps enhance the image of basketball among fans and lovers of the game.

According to the rules of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), fouls in basketball are usually determined when the referee notices them. That a player has had excessive contact with teammates or opponents on the field. Or when a player tries to create an advantage in a play. Cases in which a player is determined to violate the rules include:

  • One player occupies an advantageous position on the field. If the player dribbling the ball moves into that position and collision occurs, the fault will be determined by the player dribbling the ball.
  • When a player from team A moves into the path of a player from team B, it obstructs the path and leads to a collision. Then the player of team A will be responsible for that collision.
  • Players on the field are not allowed to intentionally raise their arms or legs into the opponent’s running line. If the referee detects this behavior, that player may be penalized with a foul.

Common mistakes in basketball

It is extremely important to recognize common mistakes in basketball. Because, during competition, competition for the ball often leads to collisions and violations.

5 personal fouls in basketball 

These are mistakes that players often make during competition.

  • Obstruction violation: The player uses his position to block the opponent’s path, making it impossible for the opponent to dribble the ball freely.
  • Elbow error: The player intentionally uses his elbow to collide with the opponent to prevent their movement.
  • Holding foul: The player uses his hands or feet to obstruct the opponent’s movement.
  • Excessive attacking offense: The ball dribbler and your team’s defensive player occupy a fixed position on the field.
  • Tripping error: This error occurs when a player uses his feet to prevent the opponent from moving, causing the opponent to fall to the field. When committing the above personal fouls, the violating player will be penalized and lose control of the ball.

Intentional acts

Among basketball fouls, intentional behavior is the most dangerous foul on the court. This error occurs when a player commits a violent act that intentionally endangers the opponent. When making this mistake, the player will be subject to two free throws and lose control of the ball.

Mistakes when throwing

Is a fairly common mistake when it comes to basketball fouls. This foul will be counted when the player attacks while the opposing player is in a throwing position. The penalty for this violation will depend on the distance of the throw, the penalty point will be two or three free throws.

Error 3 seconds (3s) 

The 3-second error in basketball is one of the important errors to note. This error occurs when an offensive player spends more than 3 consecutive seconds making a shot. Or move in a rectangular area near the opponent’s basket, called the penalty area. If this rule is violated, the referee will cancel the ball and your team will lose control of the ball. 

This is a rule intended to prevent a player from occupying the area for too long, creating a disadvantage for the defending team. The attacking player must quickly move or throw the ball within 3 seconds of being in the penalty area to avoid being called a foul. The 3-second foul is an important part of the rules of the game, to maintain fairness and make the match more attractive.

With the above sharing about mistakes in basketball, hopefully the sports page bookmaker Hi88 has helped you better understand the principles and can limit violations of the rules when playing football. Wishing the basketball enthusiast community have fun playing moments. 

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